Here at Compass, we offer a wide range of therapeutic tools and                                     professional services covering the Grimsby,                                                    Cleethorpes and Central Lincoln Areas

we work with all those aged 16+ and are LGBTQ+ friendly, with specialist interest in Long-Standing Mental Health / Illness, Chronic Health,                               Psychological Trauma and Professional Stress / Burnout

                      we are fully insured and professionally qualified

Counselling & Psychotherapy
We utilise a range of models to therapy which are tailored to suit each client's needs and are practiced integratively and eclecticly - utilising a broad range skills and theory from different models to therapy for a holistic approach. We are currently based in between Grimsby and Cleethorpes - a 15 minute walk away from both and near regular bus routes. We also rent offices in Lincoln City Centre.

Clinical Supervision
We offer qualified clinical supervision to therapists and to *students.
*Students are eligible for discounted supervisory rates

Walk & Talk / Nature Therapy

As simple as the name suggests; connecting to the natural world or outdoors has an evidence base in an increase to mental health and well-being. Talking through your emotions whilst oudoors is becoming ever more popular. We are located within easy access of the Cleethorpes Beachfront and Forests / Parks in Lincoln.

We offer hypnotherapy for deep relaxation, anxiety, sleep issues, phobias, smoking-cessation and more. Personalised hypnotherapy audio scripts can be purchased seperately to listen at your convenience for day-to-day resilience or can be offered face-to-face or via video conferencing.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy
IEMT (or Integral Eye Movement Therapy) is a desensitisation technique utilising eye-movements - somewhat similar to EMDR but less invasive;which helps your mind to quickly and effectively reframe thoughts and feelings that come from traumatic experience flashbacks / memories with the aim of these events being felt less intensely. We can also offer the REWIND technique which works in a similar fashion but uses some elements of hypnotherapeutic technique and imagery.

Meditation, Deep Breathing & Mindfulness Based Stess-Reduction
We offer outdoor-based skills teaching in both mindfuness, relaxation and meditative techniques to help with day-to-day emotional grounding & resilience, for both groups and to individuals. This is more skills-based and directive in approach over psychotherapy and borrows techniques found in Coaching.
Online / Distance
Most of our services can be accessed via telephone, through webcam, Zoom / Microsoft Teams or even via email or text. We recognise that some people have commitments, circumstances or ill health which makes attending in person or talking face-to-face difficult. In some circumstances we can offer home-visits.


Prices will vary depending on type of treatment and contractual price. For information on prices or any other questions, please be in contact! Discretional Fees are available on a limited basis, dependant on financial circumstance.